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Vic. 2 Fridges For Sale

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Winter's Flat's #1 Brewer, now that XXXX have move
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OK for PPL that are in need of 2 fridges, 1- 4x keg type & 1- frementing type.
Both work really well, the keg one will freeze the kegs if turned to low.
The fermenting one is fitted with a 0*C-40*C thermo and is ideal for fermenting both ales & lagers
Only selling them 'cause they are surplus.
The keg fridge is $75 ONO & ferm. one is $200 ONO or $250 ONO for both, delivered free to most of Vic.


you're teasing me arent you rob??

how much postage for those two suckers to Sydney?


I am one fridge, one regulator, and one fire extinguisher away from kegging heaven!!!
Well we could meet at the border, Albury, on a weekend ??
not sure if they will fit in the commodore tho
like your Giff by the way
Surely somebody around Vic wants a fidge or two ???

c'mon make an offer
I'm surprised they haven't gone yet normell, I could use another for fermenting as my current one is being used for yeast stock.

I've got the same problem as grunter, they wouldn't fit in the commodore :(
What, do youze all own commodores without towbars.
Another NSW person that Would love another fridge.. And also another with the Commodore problem :D I hyave a tow bar but no trailer!! :angry:

I think you have to put a hefty price on them, cause I've got a small chest freezer Im trying to give away and Ive still got it too.

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