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Its been a while since I posted, and iv'e done some searching but haven't been able to find an answer.
I'm considering doing an AG Vanilla Porter, but am unsure about the vanilla addition. I've got 2 fresh beans that I intend to split and add to the primary fermentation.

Most of what I have read uses the bean in a secondary or as a dry hop. I generally pressure ferment, so I'm not too keen on opening the fermenter during the fermentation.

Will adding the vanilla in the primary reduce its effectiveness? Will it become overpowering? Would I benefit from adding more beans?

Grateful for any advice,



Ps: Recipe in case you were wondering:

4Kg Pale malt
170g Roast Barley
110g Carafa I
110g Chocolate Malt
110g Roasted Wheat
2 Vanilla beans into Primary

90 min boil, 25g Chinook @ 60 (No Chill)

US-05 @ 10PSI
All that I have read states in the secondary for 2 weeks. If you soak the beans in Vodka prior to fermenting, you get a jump start on the extraction time and can package the beer sooner.
I think the ferment will scrub perceived smell and taste rather than overpowering.
You can pour the Vanilla infused Vodka into the keg if you need more smell and taste.