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I tried my Tooheys brew yesterday and it was flat and very malty tasting..

Here was my method:

5/10/05 - 1 Can Tooheys Draught
1 Can Liquid Sugar (kit provided)
1 Packet kit yeast

Sat cans in hot water for 10 mins and then added to fermenter with 2 litres hot water, filled up with cold water to 22ltr and temp was 25deg and OG 1.040. Tossed yeast on top, slight stir to sink it.

15/10/05 - SG 1.010 temp 20deg (temp was constant 20 after first day)
16/10/05 - SG 1.010 temp 20deg, so I bottled with 1 brewers measure (750ml measure) per bottle with castor sugar. Then stored in dark cupboard at about 20-25 deg.

25/10/05 - chucked a bottle in the fridge to test it, and even though I knew it would be green, it was worse than it should be. Tastes like very strong malt (wouldn't mind this normally, but not for a draught tooheys style) and is also flat as a tack, with no head.

Did I do something wrong?, and I am positive I primed every single bottle, as they got a sticker once the sugar was added.

Or am I just being to eager and should wait longer.. will time improve taste? will time improve carbonation?




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Should do slightly though after 9 days highly unusual for no gas to be noticeable......

Generally 3 weeks is minimum for a decent carbonation time....

Leave for another 5 days and try again.


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Maybe give the bottles a good shake and leave them another week or so


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They'll continue to carbonate. You could give them a shake, which I've done, or just leave them. Be patient. If you can't, Coopers kits have the fastest finishing yeast.

If you don't like to see the yeast granules floating on top of your foamy brew, you can rehydrate the yeast by putting it into a half jar of sterile water for about 15-30 mins. Swirl, pitch & stir.

Also aerate the wort before pitching by pouring water into it from a height.

Carbonated beer however, doesn't necessarily hold it's head very long. Typically, newbie brewers have trouble with poor head retention. Using malt instead of sugar will fix that.

Keep at it. It gets better every brew. (almost)


I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot mash that
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I'll agree with that. When bottle priming I leave it for a month before touching them to allow everything to settle and finish properly before opening. It's really hard to leave them there for that long, but it makes opening the first one that much better! :)

Also, when I read the ingredients I thought that the liquid sugar was something that should be avoided. I use malt, malt and more malt (although I like my malt); but certainly use some malt instead of sugar as it brings unfermentables into the wort that will thicken up the beer a little more than if you use sugar (and of course using maltodextrose will do an even better job of doing the job of thickening).


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one area that no one has touched on is your bottels .are you using PET. or Traditional crown seals .

reason i ask is that some time we over look the simple things

PETS. i have had a batch of these buggers after several uses with the same caps do the same the liquid seals in you cant hear any gas escaping BUT THEN under priming pressure they were venting of co2 now theonly way i found this out was after a week i had some carbonation but after week five they were flat not all of them but a good percent .now i did prime the lot . but then i looked at the tops a there it was the pressure in the bottel had pushed the tops up just enough to de gas and go flat.
it dose happen and it will happen (I was being scabby and reused the tops to many times .now i always buy new tops for these )
but dot forget to remove the tamper ring of the neck of the bottels before using new caps.

crown seals . same deal here try this and you can do it with Pets as well
pick two randomly you thing are suss and give them a good shake put it in a bucket of luke warm water upside down and see what comes out.
luke warm water use to soften any sugar seals that occur when the bottel has been venting due to poor seals.
try it it may just solve a mystery .
i worked for me and now i dont have that proble of shity tops or crown seals .
it is a test only not but could save a good brew.