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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
Ok if any one is interested, I have set out to see the true difference between brewed beers with different yeasts, I mean there is so many out there can they all produce a different beer?

Lets see.

I brewed a double batch of pils, 40Lt of beer 2 x 20Lt brews
brew 1 :
Munich Lager Yeast 2308
A unique strain, capable of producing fine lagers. Very smooth, well-rounded and full-bodied. Benefits from temperature rise for diacetyl rest. Flocculation medium; apparent attenuation 73-77%. (9-13 C)

brew 2 :
Danish Lager Yeast 2042
Rich, dortmund-style, crisp, dry finish. Soft profile accentuates hop characteristics. Flocculation low; apparent attenuation 73-77%. (8-13 C)

I have then from the same wort, I transferred wort from fermenter to the other 3 times to ensure they were mixed and each fermenter had the same wort, both are 1050 OG.
Both had the same amount of aeration of the wort.

Both starters under went the same treatment and were started the same time. Both pitched at the same time, into fermenters next to each other in me large freezer with temp probes on both the fermenters and amb within the fridge.

I cooled the wort to about 13deg and over a day and a half to 11 deg. well within the temp for both yeast

Day one:
Skimmed both beers, the Munich has a much fluffier foam, larger bubbles and softer, very easy to skim! day 1 gravity: 1042
(day one taste malty with a slight honey like sweetness low hops flavor)

the Danish is thicker and creamer.. not as large a foam also 1 day gravity : 1041
(day one taste very similar to Munich every so slightly less malt with a hind more hops.. very nice - to early to tell re: taste difference)

The Danish looked to be bubbling harder quicker than the Munich at the beginning but they are bubble for bubble currently and the Gravities would suggest they are the same.

other yeasts to try a similar style experiment are
Bohemian Lager
Pilsen Lager Yeast
Czech Pils Yeast

then when the "best" yeast is found, I will test Skimming V not skimming


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At the recent brisbane AHB day, we put did a (large) partial and split it into three different fermenters with three different yeasts. Should be interesting in a few weeks to taste the results


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i did an experiment on a Grumpys Thaekstons Old Peculiar batch.
Divided in 2 - one with 1084 Irish Yeast and one with 1272 American Ale.

The 1084 was more in your face peculiar and more bite.
The american was more softer, mildler peculiarity and fruitier.

Both excellent beers - but my preference was the 1084 - in your face.

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