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Back in the sixties before even hippies were invented, my mates and I used to drive from Warrnambool to Hall's Gap, which is in the Grampians (mountain range) near the SA border of Vic.

Just before you got into the township, there was a pub called The Chateau back in a paddock at the foot of the mountains, and you had to drive in the gate and up the track to it.

They had a large number of beers from around the world in stubbies and cans. In fact, I saw (and drank from) my first stubby in this place, because stubbies of Victorian beers weren't even available then.

Our plan was to sample one of each. The publican didn't have all of them cold, so we were never going to be able to get through the lot even if we were still standing.

Somehow intuition told us when we only had enough money left for a tank of petrol, and some cans for the drive home.

I was driving, and Beergut sat in the front. He said "I won't let you go to sleep mate. If you go to sleep, you won't be able to pull over for me to have a piss."


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Reminds me a little of "The Pub in the Paddock" at Pyengana in Tassie. Not that I had the chance to drink much - motorcycle touring and midday beers are not a great match.

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