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Swing top bottles give away

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Got a bunch of swing top bottles to give away for free.

48x 500ml amber
15x 450ml green Grolsch bottles

Also comes with some spare seals.

The Grolsch bottles don't have swing tops but they can be easily purchased at most home brew stores.

I'm hoping to get rid of the lot in one go.

Reservoir area, (Vic).

IMG_5520.jpg IMG_5522.jpg IMG_5523.jpg IMG_5524.jpg IMG_5513.jpg IMG_5512.jpg
I'd be all over this like a fat kid on a cupcake if you were in Brisbane...
I'd be happy to take the lot. I'm in Brunswick. I can swing by Fri or over the weekend?
Sorry guys, the bottles were picked up just yesterday morning.

Ha ha. Fat kid on a cupcake, that made me smile.
Sorry guys, the bottles were picked up the other day.

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