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Sundays Meeting

Discussion in 'Westgate Brewers' started by djar007, 24/4/13.


  1. djar007

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    Deer Park Victoria.
    Posted 24/4/13
    Hi everyone from the club. Thanks for a fantastic time on Sunday. My brother and I both had a ball. Very good people there and some really nice beers. I was blown away by the hospitality and cant wait for the next meet.
    Ron from Temple Brewing was a great guest and I was really thankful to have the chance to listen to some of his stories and methods. I will definately be off to taste the Temple 12 after hearing the background on it. Very interesting .
    I also enjoyed eating the meat tray I won and have put the beers away for a special occasion that I won. Felt a bit guilty taking two prizes , but my wife got one, as it was her who cooked the food I brought so she deserved it.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that its a great club and I am looking forward to the next meeting. Best Wishes Dave.
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