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Not beer but the ladies loved this one over Chrissy.

7kg Strawberries ($70 ...ouchh)
21g yeast nutrient
30g citric acid (would probably reduce a little to 20g next time as just a little bit acidic after 3 or 4 glasses)
4.2kg cane sugar
21g Pectinase
3g sodium metabisulphite

11L water, 1g meta, 21g pectinase, and 7kh fresh strawberries added to fermenter (strawberries hand squashed, and put in nylon strainer bag) leave 24hrs

21g yeast nutrient, 30g citric acid and 4.2kg sugar added, topped up to 21L with tap water. OG 1079. Cooled to 20C overnight.

5g general purpose wine yeast added to 50mls water to rehydrate & pitched. Left for 5 days

Bag of fruit removed

Fermented for another 10 days at 20C. SG now 1.000 (very dry taste). Racked to secondary demijohn and 1 g meta added.

Left on kitchen worktop for 2 months much to SHMBO distain. Dropped crystal clear.

Racked onto 45g/L sugar into bottling bucket with 1g meta, and stirred, then kegged, and kept at 3C. (It will referment if warmed but you can add sorbate to stop this if bottling.)

Gassed up hard (can't remember but way more than beer)
Serve on tap. SHMBO now very happy!!!! :icon_drunk:
Planning similar this year with tropical fruit from the garden & friends (have fruit for mango, passion fruit, mangostein, lychee plus pineapple). Very cheap brewing if the fruit can be obtained for free.

I used to make her still wine but bottling was a PITA. She prefers the sweet sparkling. Win win!


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