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I dug out an old recipe for a Belgian white that calls up for a mash schedule that goes, dough in at 71 deg and lower to 50 deg over 24 hours - which is outside anything I can currently handle.
I've never heard of this done before but I assume the brewer had his reasons. I'll list the recipe and if anybody can see why he chose this method over a step mash, or even single infusion, please chime in.

Another anomaly seems to be the yeast selection. Wyeast 1028. Typo perhaps?


Pale - 2.6kg
Wheat - 2.3kg
Oats - .300g

Hallertau - 32g @ 60
Tettnanger - 17g @ 20
Hallertau - 32g @ 10
Saaz - 32 @ flame out.

Coriander seed - 32g @ 60
Orange peel - 16g @ 10
Coriander seed - 32g dry
Orange peel - 16g dry

I've never used orange peel or Coriander before, but does that sound like a lot to anyone else?


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I imagine he wants starch conversion to sugar, then he wants the lacto bugs already in the mix to then kick-in and sour it up before he then kills them in the boil, leaving the sour profile.

I guess you could do it the other way but perhaps risk decimating the lacto bugs at extended higher temps as you ramp up over a a longer period of time.

I have done a couple of wit with coriander and orange peel but I can't recall the exact amounts. Someone else should be able to address that one.

Not sure on the Wyeast either, but for a sour beer brewing you often want a conventional sacch yeast to take the load of the conventional fermentation rather than just the lacto/brett.

Another way to achieve a similar effect is to pitch a blend (I am planning on pitching a Lambic blend which has both a conventional ale strain, some lacto, pedio, brett and a sherry strain) which can make things easier. There are pluses and minuses for doing it either way (and there are no doubt loads of other techniques I know nothing about).

The Wyeast Commercial section has a pretty decent write up for getting your head around sour / wild yeast brewing. I'll see if i can find a link to it


Edit to add link
Link to Wyeast Lambic info


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Greenwood, WA
looks like a heap of coriander, i dont think i use more than 30g in a 50L batch

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