Smuggling Booze ? Don't Use A Volvo

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Maybe he should have bought the Saab :lol:


Smuggler's car so full it broke down
A man from Poland had packed his car so full of beer, liquor and cigarettes that it broke down, uncomfortably close to a border crossing where customs officials were standing by.
The incident marked the second major haul for customs patrols in the past week.

It occurred Tuesday evening at the Swedish border in the Aurskog-Hland area of Akershus County. The man came driving along in an old Volvo 740 with Swedish license plates.

Newspaper Smaalenenes Avis reported that the car was loaded with 400 liters of beer, 22 liters of spirits and 10,800 cigarettes, all bound for the Norwegian market where such items are highly taxed.

The load proved to be too much for the car, which a customs official said wouldn't survive its transport to the customs station. The Polish man was arrested, put into custody at a jail in Fredrikstad and can expect a large fine.

Last Friday, another man was caught near Bjrkebekk, carrying 83 liters of liquor, 396 liters of beer and 18 kilos of tobacco.

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