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I bought the California lager yeast determined to make a decent lager this winter. I was going to do the steam beer as it is the standard with this yeast but I have read a lot of reports of this being a good but never great homebrew. The idea of nothing but northern brewer in there puts me off a little too.

So I am thinking of doing an American Pale Lagerale as in SFPA but with the Calif lager yeast. It will be a minimash with DME and crystal malt, hopped with cascade and amarillo.

Who has done this style with this yeast and would you do it again?

What temps would you suggest?

With this style I wouldnt worry about diacetylor should I?

Any other suggestions for this yeast? Id like to whack out a few while the weather suits it.
Sounds great deebee, i did this around this time last year and it was unreal in everyway. The higher ferment temp of around 18c gave me no diacetyl at all in the finished beer.
I made mine with basically 4.5 kg of amc pale malt 100g carapils and 100g caramunich II.
I used a mix of hallertau and cascade as the finishing hops with around 20g at 15 and 5 minutes. I used northern brewer for the 60 minute addition.
Anyway to some it up it was a wicked beer and wicked yeast and yes i be doing it again for sure.

mash temp aren't really that big of a concern in a small mini mash. Ferment temps can't be anywhere almost, 16c is proberly the best but as high as 20c will still be awesome.

As far as other suggestions for the yeast i think you can go crazy and come up with something original like i did rather than stick to a style.
I still called mine steam beer.

Hope it comes up a treat.
Cheers Jayse

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