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I'm trying to determine how to put a sight glass on my HLT keg. The difficulty is that the keg is unusually shaped. I have posted a pic of the keg which is actually my boiler. The HLT is the same shape. Any advice is greatfully received. <_<


I can see at least 2 odd shapes -- so which one is the HLT?

Flexible high temperature food grade tubing. There's no need for glass if the tubing will support the temperatures.
TDA - I have the exact same problem....

In terms of sight glass material - I bought a metre of 20mm acrylic tube from Galvins (a WA -mainly trade- Plumbing supplier). Connecting to this you can use 3/4 compression fittings (brass or if you are feeling wealthy; s/steel). The only problem here is the the acrylic will have to be machined very slightly to get it into the 19 (3/4") compression fitting. From here you can use elbows etc to turn horizaontally to the Keg. The only way I will be able to make it vertical (as oppossed to being perpendicular to that shaped keg) is to have a fitting welded to the side of the keg at the right angle.

I haven't done this yet but the theory is sorted... :)
Check out this link. I realise the vessel is a fermenter, but there's no reason you couldn't do the same thing on a HLT, so long as the hose can handle the temp of boiling liquids.
Have you seen the way I did it , sounds like Goat may have followed this

If needed I may have a couple of spare stainless fittings the same kicking about , could find the rubber gland I used instead of the olives as well

I'll be happy to machine your for you Goat , bring it over :p
- Always fill your glass before posing for photos

- If wearing a t-shirt with writing on the front, face the camera and move your arm

:D :D :D

Yeah thanks Batz - I'll pop over after work if that's OK..... :)

I must have missed that post - nice setup ! What are 'rubber glands' and 'olives' ? Did you machine down your 20mm tube?
olives are just the compression rings , I chucked them out and used rubber gland from a conduit fitting
I had to cut it down a little with a stanley

Yes I machined it down , to easy if you have a lathe I suppose

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