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I was reading a brewing book at lunch today (Sad I know) and I came across a reciepe for a partial mash russian imperial stout. Can't remember the exact fermentables but it was somewhere in the ballpark of 4 LME with 250gms each of choc malt, roast barley and black patent some brown sugar or molases.
The yeast was a champagne yeast, red star I think.
It went on to say it would need seven weeks in primary and 6 weeks in secondary, this seemed an awful long time, does this sound odd to you?
I am thinking of trying an RIS when I get another fermenter, can't tie my only one up for two months!

BTW I can't say what book I was reading as it is probably not that well respected here. :unsure:

I haven't made it myself so can't really say but a quick google suggests this isn't really accurate. Perhaps seven weeks all up is more possible. The recipe at this link Steve's Russian Imperial Stout seems to suggest about 3-4 weeks should be enough.

From what I've read, seven weeks on primary would probably be too long, with the risk of yeast autolysis.

Sounds like a good style to try one day. With the weather here today, a drop of that would go down a treat. :chug:

If you ferment with a wine yeast, you get wine flavours.

Use a beer yeast. If it finishes too high, you may want to try pitching a wine yeast after the beer yeast has finished. Read up on how to brew barley wines. Pitch enough yeast. Slurry from a fresh brew is an excellent idea, Use a few desertspoons of fresh slurry.

Leave in primary till primary fermentation has finished. Rack to secondary with zero headspace. You can leave in secondary for a few months. Bottle. Add fresh yeast at bottling.

Make sure you do plenty of research on how to brew big beers before starting your RIS.

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