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wee stu

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Just noticed the sabsosa results have been posted on the Goliath web site:

Lots of familiar names and faces there - in the winners circle at least Pedro, JSB, Darren, Jazman. Also going to the nationals(?) - SteveSA and Asher.

And there are probably others who I don't recognise in daylight, with their clothes on :ph34r: Or at least whose real name I don't know :D

Congratulations all, and to Goliath for promoting it so well.

I reckon a bunch of us should flocc to the awards ceremony and cheer the winners home!!
hehehhehe Jazzman rang me today

His winning entry was pitched with, GASP, a DRY yeast, specifically Danstar Nottingham! Well done, Jazzman!

Jovial Monk
What am I not understanding here. In the dark lager category, if Asher scored 32.75, and third was 31.75, why no place? Same in the wheat beer class for Mr Alan McKinon. Similar again in the stout. Have I had too many beers?
Simon, no prizes for people that are bred from the sand :blink:
only entry to the nationals.

welldone guys esspecial my brew pals in JSB, pedro, darren, jazman and stevesa.
top work.

Thanx for embrassing me stu :angry:

Hi Lurker

They were interstate entries
You also need a certain number of entires in a class before they award 1,2,3

You haven't had too much to drink - you can fit at least one more in.

I wondered about that too, I presume they go on to the nationals (but not sure) as WA representatives but don't get a gong in the sabsoSouth Australia, thir entry being, to a degree, concessional??

Not necessarily the best of explanations, but a plausible?
What wonderful results.

Congrats to all who entered, I had the honour of taking part in the judging and the standard was very good indeed.

Sunday's presentation will be fun and then after that I can get some brewing lessons from our state winners.

What a talent stacked board here at AHB.

And, I wasn't aware that using a dry yeast [if that was the case] was a shaming offence. Still I have so much to learn from the obvious elite of brewing.

OK older wiser flocculators got in before my bad keyboard skills allowed.

Jayse - I tried not to embarass you by not naming you ;) , your embarassment shows what a truly delicate and sensitive soul you really are behind all that roughneck mega hop facade :p , awrabest mate - there's always next year, or the anawbs - if you're up to competition form the likes of JM or, possibly, me :lol:
From what I read in the SABSOSA rules.
WA was judged as a separate entity. So if I got in the top 3 in the state (WA), & a score above 60%, I am eligible for the nationals...
So that's All 6 of my beers......
Will be asking someone from AABA for confirmation on this.
Also on the AABA entry form they ask for your place in the qualifying competition... I don't know what I'll write there either..

more questions than answers here...?
Asher for now
Hi Guys,

Im Alan McKinnon, very happy with the SA results. I tend to agree with Asher, we were discussing it last night: If there are only a few entries from WA, like myself and Asher in the SA comp, and we score over 60 percent then we get into the nationals, full stop. It seems a bit unfair on the other states that we can qualify much more easily than anyone else who needs to get a placing to gain entry.
But then again we cant win it either....... :(

I had better go easy on my special bitter in the mean time ;)
Well done Al - and welcome to AHB at the same time. As you are clearly a brewer of no small repute, we look forward to your contributions to the site.

awrabest, stu
Thanks Wee Stu,

Im a bit slack on the postings, but enjoy the forum read.
As a brew Ive just cracked mash 31 last weekend so i certainly dont claim to be any expert, but love the hobby and the learning (and obviously the drinking :chug: ) that goes with it.

BigAl said:
Ive just cracked mash 31 last weekend
s'truth mate, that's 10 times as many as me :blink: .

You know heaps, and this is a great place to share it. Don't be shy. We won't bite.
Interesting, and suprising to read that a Woolies Home Brand Lager won the Pale Australian Lager category.

Great to see Belgian Beer Caf - Oostende sponsoring a category too.
Well done to all the AHB guys who entered.

Jase said:
Interesting, and suprising to read that a Woolies Home Brand Lager won the Pale Australian Lager category.

to be fair that is a hard style to be able to emulate :rolleyes:
Their South Aussies Stu

What would you expect :huh:
Well done everyone, especially Pedro.

Now I see hop pellets straight in the bottle donot go down well with judges.

Darren Miller 18 American Pale Ale Mash