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Hi Guys,

If there is sufficient interst from Adelaide AHB members for a social get together on Sat 02Oct2004 - the Labour Day long weekend at the Barossa BrewHaus - i will hold one.

Wives and kids most welcome....

BYO meat & a salad/desert for BBQ Tea - Crispy has kindly offered to be BBQ Master and cook as long as his glass is kept full.

Kick off from 3.00pm - so you can make a day of it and tour a few of the local wineries - check out the local craft shop - Lyndoch Spinifex Arts & Crafts - that sells GMK's wood turning crafts as well as a huge selection of other crafts....

I will not be brewing that day - but if anyone wants to brew on the day - send me a PM as i dont mind letting them use my gear...

Alternatively, if anyone els wants to volunteer their place for a get together - i am happy with that.

Over to you and your family....
Yeah, I wouldn't mind rocking up if there's going to be a reasonable turnout.
Too early to say yet, but what ever happens you can be sure i'll do my best to be in it. :chug:

Seeya all on labour day, i'll leave the labour out and 'liberal'y drink beer.
I'm interested, but I'll have to see if six foot nigel will let me go.

I can appreciate why the 3pm start, but does that leave a lot of time for the brewer to do his work? When does daylight saving start?

Like Jayse says - bit too early to be definite, but definitely interested.

All we need is for some brave soul to step up to the plate and take over the brewing. Once that's organised, I reckon the rest will come running!
the brewer can come over early - rock up around lunch time...

Ask Nigel - he might want to brew :)
see how we go if i am going brew it be around lunch time at the latest i wait till the tim comes close
OK - Jazman is the brewer. at least I think that's what you said Jaz.

If Jazman pulls a hammy, or something else crops up to stop him, I'm prepared to be second up to the plate.

With that sorted, it's time to figure out how many might rock up, if only to work out how busy Crispy will be at the barbie. The reputation of SA as the hub of AHB gatherings is on the line

C'mon guys - it is a generous offer from Ken, or has he done something wrong? (this is a rhetorical question, I don't really want a list - some of you might get RSI B) )
as i had said stu i wait and see what hapens close to the date as with what ever so it still may be u stu to brew as it isnt definate yet

It depends on a few things on that weekend plus by then i may have heaps of beer
wee stu said:
C'mon guys - it is a generous offer from Ken, or has he done something wrong? (this is a rhetorical question, I don't really want a list - some of you might get RSI B) )
Thanks Wee Stu.....

RSI from what he has done wrong - or what he has done right.....

GMK said:
RSI from what he has done wrong - or what he has done right.....
That's a rhetorical question too Ken, isn't it?

And Jaz - c'mon mate, you can never have enough beer!!!
I think I had enough beer tonight. Ooh christ, my poor stomach.

Just bringing this to the top of the active threads....

So far have...turning up are:

Some Local brewers,
Datfrog and some mates
Crispy the cook
my dad who is into brewing...

Possibles are:
Wee Stu

come on guys - bring the family do some wine tasting and then rock over.

Still have an opening for some one to brew on th eday on my gear...
Saturday, damn! be working at the shop then!

Bugger bugger bugger!

Jovial Monk
Gday Gmk

At this stage i am a possible but can't make a promise yet as i am currently buy with work and wont even know wether i will be wroking that weekend yet...

If i can get there i will but i am sure you will have a great evening just the same

cheers and many beers
OK Guys - this weekend - be there or be square...

hope to see you at the Barossa BrewHaus....

Byo some meat and either a salad/desert and the wife and kids...

For the guys taht are coming up this weekend - just PM me and i will e-mail you a map showing where my house is...

Hope to see you there.
either way have a great brewday ken.
btw what are you planning on putting down on the day?

big d

whos wishing once again he was in sth oz ;)
i am waiting for a volunteer to brew on my gear...

No takers so far...
were up to about 80% probable ;), though two out of three are crook with wogs just now - hopefully we'll be out of quarantine by Saturday!
sorry can make doing a brew day with my father it his first ag grain and im supervising him plus lots of beer things going on too will try to make it to the barrossa brew house one day

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