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Hey crew,

12 old beer bottles were found during construction of the new Stzrelecki trial, with 'property of richmond' moulded in 3D text along the bottom and a tiger/puma face moulded in the glass mid-way up the bottle. It seems a pretty safe bet that these were Richmond Tiger Beers. A few theories are going around as to how they got there, but would love to get a big of background on the beer itself. How popular it was, what era it was likely from, etc.

Anyone recommend any go-to beer historians for info?

Cheers, Louis
I think this brewery was one of the breweries purchased at one point by CUB. Could be wrong but I think CUB maintain the rights tothe label etc and possibly even released a limited batch a few years back. If I am remembering correctly, it wasn't anything to get too excited about beer-wise.

Very brief mention here4:

Cheers SJ
Shows promise early, but this fades by 1/2 way through, and in the end just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth... :eek: