Redoak At The Ranch, Nth Ryde, Sydney

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Peter Wadey

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Family called into Ranch for a cheap feed last night.
($6 roasts & mums eat free!)

Noticed they had some of the Redoak beers.
Organic Pale on tap, Vienna & Hefeweizen in the bottle
for $5.

If your in the area, you might like to try these.

Peter Wadey
Eastwood, NSW
Hey Peter,

Where is the Ranch ???? I had to drive into Strathfield from the Central Coast, and if the Ranch is not too far off Ryde Rd, I just might pop in for one on the way home.....

On Epping Rd (Corner of Herring)
It's only about 2 minutes from Ryde Rd towards Epping/Hornsby
its worth a visit. its a good pub and the food is good. staf are mostly snobs though.
both coopers on tap.
Whenever I've been there the staff seem to be mostly Uni students from Mac Uni across the road.
That's the bistro waiters and bar staff.

Wouldn't say their snobs, but not exactly excellent waiters/service staff.

Sorry for the late reply.

Haven't had much to do with the staff. Only drink there when I'm there for a feed.
(Not exactly my sort of drinking hole. I prefer tiles on the outside.)
Never struck a rude waitress. Fairly efficient in what they do. Bistro can get packed.

Sorry for the off topic stuff. It was the availabilty of the redoak beers away from the city that I was suprised to see.


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