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Cascade Lager

Lager - Bohemian Pilsner
All Grain
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Brewer's Notes

Step mash 55C, 64C, 72C, 78C mashout. If it was a BIAB I'd go for a mash of 64C for an hour +. 90 minute boil. NO CHILL - therefore the hop additions are exactly what I used in brewmate !! Wyeast Bohemian Lager 2124, needs a D-Rest near end of primary ferment. Needs to be filtered if possible - I'm sure it will settle out but it has never lasted long enough to find out. I filter it!!

Malt & Fermentables

% KG Fermentable
3.8 kg Weyermann Pilsner
0.6 kg Weyermann Munich I
0.2 kg Weyermann Acidulated


Time Grams Variety Form AA
35 g Cascade (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 5mins)
20 g Cascade (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 40mins)
20 g Cascade (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 15mins)


1 ml Wyeast Labs 2124 - Bohemian Lager
21L Batch Size

Brew Details

  • Original Gravity 1.05 (calc)
  • Final Gravity 1.014 (calc)
  • Bitterness 23.1 IBU
  • Efficiency 75%
  • Alcohol 4.67%
  • Colour 9 EBC


  • Primary 10 days
  • Secondary 5 days
  • Conditioning 4 days
Definitely gonna make this, looks like she'd be great for summer.
Cheers for the recipe
How did you know that I was drinking a special bottle of that right now? One that I brought home from the brewery...
Edak - are you telling me someone has already made a Cascade lager? I'm guttered ;)
She's a good thing, simple and smooth as.
Dunno if it makes any difference but I used the yakima valley cascade hops for the first time .... and I like them. Brew on.
I must be drunk cause I can't find this recipe. Can anyone share it for me? Hope it's All Grain
I can't seem to access any of these recipes ???

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