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Just incase any of you guys are interested I just got my delivery from RCBEQUIP.COM.
It took 10 weeks but I saved a fair bit of money

2 x kegs
2 x taps
2 x Liquid disconnects
3 x gas disconnects
8 meters hose
and some clamps

all up $250 AUD

The kegs worked out about $50 each not bad.
That is a rally good price...

thi sincluded freight and were they faucet taps.
Hi Bigfella,

What ws the postage worth??

I emailed them last week about 4 kegs, but with the postage that they quoted, it worked out that I would only save around $5 - 7 per keg compared with buying them here.


These are the same blokes I think you'll find Bigfella, as they go under several names. Check the email addresses as I'm pretty sure they match. I know of others that have got 4 kegs from them, but I raised the question with the guys at RCB that four kegs weighs in at pretty damn close to 20kg. The maximum weight of a posted item sent using Australia Post is 20kg. If over this limit you will have to pay a freight/courier cost, as they won't let it go through the postal system. I guess some get in and others don't perhaps-probably depending on the guy/mood he's in at the time the package comes in as to whether he worries about the package being 20kg or just over.

I know when we send packages of things on dry ice out of Tasmania, often when this one particular bloke is working he'll send them back almost routinely because he reckons they don't meet the safety criteria (however they are packed and labelled exactly the same way that they arrived in the state), while other times (esp. if he's not working) the packages go out no worries. Bloody frustrating. Could be a similar deal with the 20kg packages.

Good to hear you got yours ok.


I also put an order in through RCB in mid January and recieved mine a day after you so about 14 weeks. I am away with work though so I can't check them out for another couple of weeks, I will report back when get home. The price was good but it took a long time and he doesn't like answering many Q's.

Yep A bit slow to get back to you. But good stuff. I think I would order from them again.
I'll second that Bigfella. I bought about $250 worth of stuff. Keg parts, disconnects, picnic taps, nuts and tails, poppets etc and they posted the lot here for $12 Aus, took 2 weeks by Global Priority. I found them pretty good to deal with and they answered my question for the most part. Next time I think I would just order rather that messing about with questions and stuff.

I'm going to buy some of the fridge mount taps soon through them.

Yep it's true you can get some good gear for a good price out of the US. The kegs are no longer as cheap as when you ordered from them Big Fella. There's been a lot of talk on the US discussion boards about the increasing cost of kegs as supply slowly drys up. A lot of the kegs are being sold as scrap to Asian markets, so there are less for brewers to choose from. RCBEQUIP put there priceses up about 4 weeks ago for all their kegs. Based on today's exchange rate they cost $34 Australian. Postage for 2 kegs is around $50 Australian, which works out to be about $60 per keg delivered. Down side is the 2 1/2 month wait.

Now if only you could us US CO2 bottles, then you could start to save some dollars.

So whats the verdict on the taps you got from them??? Are they good quality or plastic shite??
Very happey with the taps.
Have a look

So they are plastic??? What are they made of?
Chrome plated brass shank and faucet (you can buy all stainless ones for and arm and a leg, but not from RCB). The only plastic bits are the tap handle and the flange ring that meets the front of the fridge to tidy things up. There is nothing wrong with these taps and they certainly aren't plastic crap.

I'm buying some very soon. Lovely. (and in my opinion look alot better than the Truflow twist taps).


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