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Sad news for North Sydney drinkers? Drove past there the other day and the place looked gutted. Tha bar was ripped out and guys were working everywhere. Tell me the last real pub is not being turned into another faceless yuppie clone bar. Anyone got any news?
Shit !!!! I'm in training in North Sydney this week and I was planning on spending several lunches there .....

Thanks for the heads up Rubes.
Went by again today and popped in. The bar is back as before but with new pumps. I only had a quick squizz but doesn't look any different? The old carpet is gone and at the moment it is a bare floor. They are pulling pints so hopefully this is just a minor hiccup.
Few, thats good to know.
I had my annual salary review in the garden bar there one day over a couple of pints with an old boss.
Got a good review and pay increase too.
Ah the good old days of IT.


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