Racking And "permanent" Krausen

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My rule of thumb when racking from primary to secondary has been to wait until krausen falls back in and then rack a day or two after. With most yeasts this means about a week in primary.
A couple of yeasts recently have disrupted this process by hanging around forever. It happened when I first used the Wyeast 1318 and now I find Wyeast 1007 has krausen that lasts forever as well.
Should I wait until the krausen falls back in with yeasts like this, despite SG having stabilised already, or should I wait?
What are the pros and cons of waiting versus racking before krausen falls back?
What do others do?

I use 1007 a lot and speaking from personal experience, rack when I think the primary is pretty much over - when the gravity is close to where I think it should finish, and when the ferment has really slowed up. There is almost always still a layer on top of the beer using this yeast, something I just put down to it being such a strong top cropper. I usually get 1 or 2 more points out of it in secondary and then lagering and have had strong attenuation and good results so far. If you think the ferment has pretty much stopped then in my experience with this yeast you'll lose nothing in terms of attenutation by racking it. Give it a go.

Hope that helps. Just my experience...

Thanks for that Shawn.
Krausen is starting to thin, but from what I hear it'll take forever to fall back completely. I'll rack in the next day or so.
I just wonder whether racking early deprives the brew of bitterness given the intense bitterness of the krausen, or any other flavours, good or bad.

Thanks again for your reply.

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