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big d

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in an un precedented king hit attack this arvo my most favourite and only surviving nonic brought back from an english pub by a work mate was savagely king hit from my youngest daughter.im shattered as is my nonic it fell all of 500mm to meet its untimely death .the last nonic i had was accidently bumped off at gutter level as i miss placed its footing.that too was a sad day.
im now in the unfortunate position of having to drink good english beverages out of other style glasses. :(
it has been a bad arvo for me. :ph34r:

in sadness
big d :(
Sorry to hear about it. I know what its like to lose a favourite beer glass. My fav schooner (ok so its nothing special) that I souveneired from my time in Canberra was broken early this year. Thankfully I was able to return there this year to find a replacement.
Umm, Dane, can we perhaps ease Big D's pain by offering him a monogramed replacement?
...or he could buy a dozen AHB Nonics for Christmas.
Hell, I'm willing to buy him a Weizen, if they will be orderable.

I'm keen, if not a little zealous.

You see, I have also loved and lost a fave drinking vessel.

Big D, I feel ur pain... :(
In my day of gain I still feel your loss bigd.

mmm, very sad indeed. aside from a wasted/infected batch of beer, probably one of the biggest losses for a homebrewer is the loss of a treasured glass.
This is bad.
One way to avoid this is to have a number of favourite beer glasses. That way if one dies another will quickly replace it.

BigD while I don't think the glasses will make the Christmas deadline (sorry guys) we will have some shortly.

I have just been so god damn flat out, but they will happen.
Big D,

On behalf of myself and all AHB, WCB & PSP members. I would like to express our deep sorrow at the tragic event that has taken place in Arnhemland. We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved, his family and any other inocent victim involved in this tragic incident. Such outrageous onslaughts against humanity and the civilized world should not be tollerated! The brewing world needs a global strategy and a sense of solidarity against such attacks.

I stand in silence..................................

Asher for now

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