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ok, time for another random idea jumble.

i'm finally moving in the next month and as such will have a more room to brew :D

space will be limited (to a degree) and i was looking/thinking about making one of those portable brewery things. (i'll get to the question soon) i'm also thinking about buying a cfc (using my old immersion as a pre-chiller) .

now because the thing will be most likely a 2-tier system, if i was to use gravity to power the cfc how much drop would be recommended , 10cms between the cfc and kettle drain or more?

also after reading about cold break and pint of lagers ideas and others on seperating the cold break, what about using a splitter or t-piece on the cfc exit?. one side isn't filtered and one side has an inline filter? that way i can get some cold break and then filter the rest out ? or is the cold break to fine to filter with one of them?

having crapped on about that, since i will be using a pump in the new system, would it be better to use that to push the wort into the cfc , down the in-line filter and into the awaiting fermentor?

ideas? comments?
i currently use my little IDRA Fountain Pump to pump the wort thru my CCCFC and in turn my little irrigation filter and out my portable shower head into my fermemter - with the pump it works a treat.

Without the pump and using gravity - flow is verry very slow - dont get as much aeration with the shower head.

Hope this helps.
Kenny, thats sorta what i was think/ info i was after, cheers

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