Prima 40 Bottle Wine Cooler - Fermentation Fridge?

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Doesnt look very big... Surely you are better off with a bar fridge (which are commonly found for less than half the price of that one) that will fit a fermenter?

Check freecycle, ebay, gumtree etc etc for cheap fridges...
You might want to email them and ask for internal dimensions. But unless you're seriously tight for space, you could get a second hand upright freezer for that kind of money and fit two fermenters in there.
I have been looking at bar fridges as well. Seems like a jungle to find one that can fit a fermenter. The hump at the bottom seems to make it difficult to get a fermenter in there. Any recommendations on bar fridge models that will fit a 30L fermenter?

I don't have a car to pick it up with and the cost of a temp controller will add up so I won't save that much money I guess.
I can't fit a fridge in my car, and don't have a towbar. I do have mates with utes / 4x4 wagons / towbars etc. I've had help collecting my fridges and freezers (2 freezers and one fridge since I started this hobby) and all it costs me is a couple of beers each time. Also, some 2nd hand sellers will help with delivery for a few $.

I'd give the wine coolers a miss for several reasons:
* price. A fridge that fits 2 x fermentors (or 3 jerrycans) for $20 - 30. (gumtree, local paper classifides, eBay etc.)
*they won't get cold enough to CC your beer.
*The glas door means you will use more electricity keeping them cool.
*STC1000 temp controller and all the bits you need to wire it should come in under $50. Will give far better control than the thermostat on the wine cooler.

nb: pretty much any 140-150 litre chest freezer will fit a coopers fermenter, (or a couple of jerrycans). The downside being you need to be able bodied (I'm neither particularly fit or strong) to lift a full FV in and out. The upside is that they are well insulated and don't "spill" cold air when opened, so cheap(est) to run. It also allows you to cold condition your beer.