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north illawarra
Hey guys,

I've been reading aussiehomebrewer and other beer forums like homebrewtalk for a while now. I'm a mid-thirties dude from the north Illawarra.

Thanks to covid-19 I'm currently working from home - and spending a heck of a lot more time thinking about new ways to brew beer! It beats commuting to Sydney I guess.

So I've joined because I've got about 25 or so BIABs under my belt and I'm really loving homebrewing.

It's a recently new hobby for me - I first brewed a couple years ago, but I've been astonished at how relatively easy its been to make AG beer that I prefer to drink than 90% of whats available at local bottleshops.

(With bugger all formal talents in what I imagine makes a good brew master - hence why I'm here)

My current brewing schedule involves rotating between pale ales, IPAs, stouts and wheat beers.

I'm particularly keen to absorb a bit of the local knowledge about water chemistry, and the differences between local ingredients (malts etc) and those I read about in US/EU recipes.

So yeah, social isolation, woot!

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