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Well, I think I've got my gear together (finally) and I want to make a brew....

I'm planning a Pilsner and I'm looking for some comment on the recipe I've been messing with. If anyone has any comments/advice on the following, I'd appreciate it :

Quantity: 23 Litres

Steeped till immediatley before it comes to a boil:
1Kg Hoepher CaraPils
.25Kg Thomas Fawcett Caramalt

Boil (60 min - full volume):
3.4Kg Light DME
.4Kg Corn Sugar

35.00 g. Perle Pellet 6.80 60 min.
30.00 g. Saaz Pellet 4.00 10 min.
35.00 g. Saaz Pellet 4.00 0 min.
35.00 g. Saaz Pellet 4.00 Dry Hop in Secondary

WYeast Bohemian Lager 2124 (with 500ml starter - if it ever takes off.....)

15L Crystal Spring bottled
8L Perth tap water (which is basically bore water where I am - I thught it might be too hard)

Ferment: controlled freezer at around 10deg until nearly there and after a day for diacetyl rest into a secondary until Christmas !

I think thats about it. TIA
Straight off the bat .....Get your starter up to a minimum of 2 litres. Step it up from your 500ml to 750ml,pouring off the liquid and keeping the least amount of liquid and all the slurry. When you get it into a 2lt bottle let it ferment for 48 hours then pitch it while its going flat chat.
AAwww shite ....just relized I'm gunna lose a hand. At least I'm second in line ;)
Thanks Linz - I'm still waiting on the yeast to get going, but I'm hoping to get a good sized starter happening.

You are going to have to use smaller words for your second post - Qe? :unsure:
Well I have all that stuff so will try one as well , have to wait till Wendnesday , days off :angry:
Is that your own recipe Goat? or one you found someplace?
Its just one I made up from reading bits and pieces and looking at other recipes combined with what is available at the HBS. This will be my first go at a 'real' brew - if only an extract & steeped grain, all my others were highly unsuccessful K+K's. So I can't vouch for it at all. Caveat emptor.

I messed with it in Promash to get the OG to around 1.048 (IIRC) and a colour around 5 SRM - though that was based on guesses of the DME - I can send it to you if you would like...

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