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Im trying to wire my inkbird ITC-106 VH to a timer DH48S. This type of timer gets manually set then repeats this time when the unit receives power. I cannot seem to find a way to wire ir based on my needs. I want to set the Temperature on the PID @ 170f to turn on my ssr's that power my 2 heating elements. This function is basic and works as it should. My problem is that I want the pid high alarm to trigger the timer on @ 170 which also works as it should, which starts the manually set time of 12 hours. This also works. But I need the timer, after it's done at 12 hours to either turn of the elements or the pid and end the brew. Then if I want to do it again I somehow turn on, reboot the system so it repeats this same process.

The pid has a NC and NO relay for the alarm. And so does the timer. I cannot logically figure out how to get all relays to do what I want. Does anybody have any experience with such a sequence? I would appreciate any input. The only thing I can think of is that I'm missing a component that not familiar with. The pid and timer are using 240v and I have the elements wired first through mechanical contractors so I can manually turn one of with a switch is I need to.

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