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Thinking of going down to that Brewpub in Picton in a few weeks time.

Can someone give me some details as to where it is, what its called, and how the hell you get to Picton anyway?
From the central coast come thru hornsby/waitara then either way you need to end up on the M5. Go past campbelltown then take the next turn off to picton(the one after narellan rd) follow thru to picton turn left when the road ends and its just over the bridge on the left.

Thanks guys! I never realised how rural Picton was.

Had a great day down there on Saturday (even though my wife doesn't travel well, and those windy roads into Picton.....)

I didn't try the lager as I'm not much of a larger drinker, but that Bock with the German Plate was absolutley fantastic, and I couldn't believe how cheap it was.

Also tried the light dark ale and was mildly suprised at how enjoyable it was, despite it looking like a muddy puddle.

Beautiful old pub as well.

We should arrange a drive down there one weekend as one of Linz get togethers!
I visited George IV on the 31st, and it was brilliant. Great food, great beer. Recommend it to anyone for a day trip. I'll post some pics in a week or two of the place :)
Went down and checked the place out for lunch today.
Have had their beers at the Australian numerous times.

Had a great lunch and tried their low alcohol (I was driving) beer, and it would have to be the best low alcohol beer I've had.

Great day.

you guys are lucky to have good brew pubs we have a couple here grumpys ,port dock and i think the holdfast but reports that all arnt that good exvept for grumpys.

Just thing of Big d out in arnhnem land not suck luck and miles away from the local hbs
to true jazman but thats the price i pay for working up here.still theres holidays to look forward to and some great online shops.plug for grumpys.they are great.one of the best shops to deal with for the likes of me.
im like a kid in a toy shop when on holidays.so many pubs and brewshops to visit.its great

big d

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