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Hi guys and girls,

Just wondering if many of you use pellets for finishing/aroma hops and what times you use to add them for. I just tried using some hallertau 15g at 10mins and it seems to have added quite a large amount of bitterness. I've been reading and have found some recommend for the use of only whole hops for finishing. What do you use mostly do?

Thanks Matt
I mainly use pellets for aroma as it's what I have available. Recently I've been adding hops to the kettle a few minutes after flameout (aroma seep) for a period of 20 to 30 minutes (thanks Ross for this tip) and it has worked fine so far with ales.
I'm not 100% sure here but I think if you are adding them at 10 mins then they are more for flavour then aroma. I thought it was around 5 mins and under for aroma... Someone please correct me if I am wrong...???

I've stopped using aroma pellets full stop. My Last addition is 15 mins in all lagers/pilsners now. I find I don't need the aroma pellets.
Do the flavour hops mellow a little on conditioning in the bottle?
Also what do bad hops taste like or do they just loose their bittering power if they haven't been kept well?