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I was looking at doing a nut brown OG-1.034 in my 50L braumeister. It's do-able with 8kg of grain in the malt pipe and dilute the final volume to 65L will give me my post boil OG of 1.038.
Just wondering if anyone has tried this yet and if I may have to use rice hulls to make up to 9 or 10 kg to avoid the fountains out of the malt pipe? Also if there is another way to make a Mid in the 50L braumeister than the method I have stated?
The recipe calls for about 6.2kg of base malt for a 55L final volume.
Smallest Brau beer i've done was a '1.038' Mild Ale using 8.07kg grain. Efficiency climbed to over 85%, final volume was 53L post boil at 1.042.

55L mash-in, approx 9L sparge. No problems with fountains, & have never actually seen this anyway. Turned out awesomely.
I have done milds in a 50l braumeister with around 6kg of grain with no problems. The only time I have had issues with a fountain in my 20l was doing a wheat beer with 5kg of grist of which about 3kg was wheat. Backed off the tube a few times until I got a nice compact bed then no problems.
I'll try with 6.3kg of base malt and ill mash some crystal which will bring me up to 7kg and hope I don't get the squirts! cheers

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