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We pulled up the floorboards in our 1931-built house last week and found an old packet of Capstan smokes complete with a cigarette-card of some long-forgotten brylcreemed idol of the silver screen. Next to the smoke pack was a longneck with a faded and peeling label. The label is mostly missing but bears the letters


It's almost certainly a West Aussie beer. Any guesses?
Vaguely remember reading about a BronZE Ale that was produced back before my time. Can't remember who the brewer was though......
More luck to you deebee.
When Tracey & I had some floorboards pulled up in our (late 50s-early 60s) flat we found an old Fosters bottle, with the brown oval label. Nice thick old crown sealer, but crusted with concrete splatters inside & out.
At least it solved the mystery of the flat's mysterious electrical layout, the reason the floorboards were up in the first place, someone was drinking on the job.
The space has now been put to good use as a mini-cellar, currently have a good stash of beers & ciders (including one mighty 2.5l flagon) keeping cool & quiet.

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