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causer of chaos and mayhem
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got offered this fridge by warb when chatting to him, so i took him up on the offer and picked it up and moved it in to my laundry. :beer: ryan for being a great bloke and i hope you enjoy those beers i left
it was a great deal and got straight in to fixing it up and when talking to ryan(warb) he wanted pics of how its going. so here goes pulled most of the dent out on the right side with some homemade tools and filled what i couldnt beat out or pull with body filler. have stripped it back to bare metal so the gf can paint it while im away. shes thinking a mural but we will see what happens







more work is needed but i think it will look good, if it wasnt for the dent id leave it polished metal and clear coat it. when its finished it will be my beer fridge and eventually my keg fridge when i get a keg setup. so what do you think guys
I'd be spraying it gold and have a mural of tutumkhamoon (sp.) (that old king that like pyramids) on the front as it looks very similar to his coffin. :beerbang:
now theres an idea ill mention it to her when she gets home. she was toying with the idea of painting the door so it looks like it open with a keg inside.
and now here it is primed and undercoated you can hardly notice the dent unless you new where it was one of the bonuses of being hand with cars



good stuff, let me know when i can pick it up!..
when you bring a new one over ryan ;)
with its first top coat




the dent isnt even noticeable now that its got its first top coat, matter of fact if you didnt know it was there you couldnt tell
maybe i will when i get out but its only that good cause i had lots of practice with my cars im up to the second rebuild on one and will start on the first on another when i get the other back on the road
been busy the last couple of days ive attached the door with new hinges and pulled the inner door skin which ill most loikely replace with a fibre glass sheet and fit some shelves to it for simplicity. also ive spent the time hooking up my christmas present to myself, which was a keg system. im setting it up for 2 taps while i have it all apart, ill put a groment in the hole while i wait on another tap. ill just have to wait to use it now as i dont have any beer ready to keg



Beautiful barls!!! Bloody Beautiful!!!

Good luck with the only gets better :beer:
cheers mate its taken a while but is almost running again, ive just got to put the seal back in
Good things do take a while barls. :D just like great beers ;) ;)

Do let us know how the first pint goes.
dont i know that they take time my best is coming up to 2 years in may in the bootle.
i will let you all know how the first pint goes
i went and bought and fitted the second tap it looks good now all i need to do is make and fit the drip tray, ill make it next time i go up to my old mans. also have decided not to put the innner door skin back but replace it with a fibre glass pannel which ill fit some shelves to
got it running as of a couple of days ago. i put 20L of water in it and turned it on by the morning it was at 5 degrees and that arvo it was sitting at -5 degrees. and this is with only a sheet of plastic seperating the inside and insulation and a dodgy seal
:D That 1st pint is gonna taste so good :beerbang:
Fabulous results barls !!!!

...what paint finish did you use. Looks like a 2-pac? Did you spray it or roller?

Good gear, anyway! :super: