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well i had a post not long ago about this morgans royal oak amber ale that i had put down,first thing was that it started at 1046 and only came down to 1018,well i made some enquiries on here and most of you suggested that it hadnt finished fermenting and if i bottled it i may have some exploding bottles.well i took some advice and only primed at about 70 percent to minimize the exploding bottle syndrome. well anyway i tried one today to see what was happenning and to my surprise it was not over carbonated ,although it has been only 5 days in the bottle and is really lacking a bit of co2,but it is there to an extent. i hope this will gas up a bit more with a few weeks more .although this wont worry me too much as i was trying to make an english/irish type ale.anyway the story is i was really surprised how nice this beer tasted as it was really very similar to the caffreys draught /ale type beers that you buy in those 4 packs.after only 5 days in the bottle it is already a really nice drink i cant believe how well its turned out.with a few more weeks in the bottle it should be a beauty. i will make this again shortly but i would try a liquid yeast this coopers pale ale that i made about 5 weeks ago and i posted that i thought it was going off and i nearly ditched it out has become at the moment the best beer i have made out of the 5 brews i have made,just shows time does enhance the flavors etc but its just that when you first make your kits and start adding extra malts etc to them its hard not to start drinking them so you find it hard to keep up your stocks,,cheers



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Yes Fergi,

The Morgans Amber Ale is far better than the Cascade mahogany chocolate porter which IMO is nothing more than "aerated owls piss" or as Batz called it "Armadillo waste water" or something similar.
A starving leper has more body than that cascade kit.

If you are using malt adjuncts then ensure that you hydrate your yeast and aerate your wort by splashing or stirring to add some oxygen.
You might like to try some 1084 wyeast liquid or some Nottingham ale dry yeast for a better fermentation result.

Cheers and good brewing,

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