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Has anyone brewed using Morgans Kit Cans? If so what types and what are your thoughts.

I just put down a Morgans Australian Old.

some have been good and some have been a bit stale tasting. Over all I prefer them too coopers.

I did an old with amber malt and a teabag of CL80 and it was a pretty good kit, but if I was going to do it again I'd use a better yeast (safale) to give it a bit extra. Pretty much all of the morgans kits I've tried have been very good considering the price (just use a good yeast with them).
I quite like the Morgan's kits. I made a Morgan's Pilsener earlier this year, priming with 750g malt/250g dextrose/250g maltodextrose and it turned out really nice- one of the best batches for the year, and it was a really simple brew to fix up.

I prefer Morgan's over the Coopers ones as well.
Morgans old is popular with the locals, they like it with either an amber or stout pack. A fuggles or golding hopbag goes well with it.

They use the supplied yeast and brew around 20-22 deg C.
The Iron Bark Dark is great. I add 1 can of Morgans liquid choc malt extract, 250gm dry dark, 250 gm maltodextrin, steep 250gm choc grain and about 24g Kent Goldings. Use Safale instead of the kit yeast

The Morgan's Royal Oak Amber is good too. That with a kg of light dry malt and 24gm Kent Goldings makes a good James Squire Amber clone.

Those 2 are my 2 "staple" beers that I make sure I always have some stock of.

I've also used the Blue Mountains lager once and that turned out real nice too. I can't remember for sure but I think I just used a TCB brew booster pack and that was it... I plan on using that can again but with maybe 1kg light malt and some saaz but haven't got around to it yet... I keep brewing darker beers :)

hey brownie i use morgan blue mountain larger as my stable beer supply with pride of ringwood hops always turns out perfect and very simple or the stockman draught is another good one so don't be scared to go through the morgan range never had a bad one yet :D
Put down a Morgans Australian Old with 600gm of DDME and 400gm of maltodextrin and Willamette hop bag. Bulk pimed with dextrose and left to mature in bottles for 3 months.

Bloody beautiful.
Thanks guys will take your advice for next brew and use some hops and different ingredients to test it out.

Went pretty straight forward with this one.

I am still on my L plates........

Luv my darker beers, but also wanna try them much beer and so little time.

Can I also ask what Final/Specific Gravity did you remove it from the fermenter at. It says on the can 1005.

Please don't ask me what the original gravity was.....I remembered that about 12pm last night.

brownie don't worry to much about what the fg is just as long as it dose not change oyer about 3 days i took a dark beer out at about 1010 so just as long as it stays stable.
if ya like the dark beers try the newcastle brown by brewcraft ,was not a fan of dark beers till i brewed this one now i'm hooked....
have fun while brewin occ :beerbang:

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