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COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) -- A 25-year-old man stormed the stage at a heavy-metal rock concert Wednesday night, shooting and killing Pantera founder and Damageplan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and three others before a police officer shot and killed him, Columbus police said.

just a note to all the metal fans on ahb. saw pantera quite a few times and was alwasy impressed with their performance.
I was never a fan of Pantera, but this is terrible. No-one should have to worry about getting shot any time, let alone when they are performing. Only in America, hey?
I was front row up against the barriers in the pit when Pantera and White Zombie played a double act in Alabama during their 1996 tour of the US (showing my music styles now :ph34r: )

Dimebag Darrell was awesome to hear play within the Pantera outfit and was always very appreciative of his audience. Even though the music style may not appeal to everyone, he was certainly a very talented guitarist.

He was a very good axe slinger and had his own style not like the rip off u hear these days
Not a huge metal fan, but myself a respectful musician none the less. A very skillfull player, who was once judged "best living guitarist on the planet" in Rolling Stone. Very quick with the chops and licks!

As mentioned, only in America!
Dimebag certainly left his mark on the metal world, I'll never forget the first time i heard him when a young pimply kid brought 'vulgar display of power' to skool.
The guitar sound was the one of the tightest toughest going around and the 'squeals' where incredible second to only Zakk!
I have this scene from one of the ozfest concerts where Zakk comes out while pantera are playing with this big black dog with a huge arse chrome chain and hands it to dimebag, dimebag passes his guitar to Zakk and stands there holding this mean looking dog while zakk goes nuts and his guitar, one of the many many great pieces of metal history that is now even more precious.
Dimebag was no run of the mill muso and people will come and go that have nailed his style and will even sound like him but no one could replace him!

May he rest in peace and all those left behind find some comfort in the fact he maybe sharing bongs somewhere with all the other many extradonary muso's that past well before there time.

Your truelly.
Someone one r.c.b is brewing a dimebag dark ale in memorium.
Saw 'em play in Newcastle as headliners after a Newcastle Band that was starting out: the dyslexic Sliverchair.

I hear that the killing was a payback by (wait for this) a Pantera fan for dimebag causing Pantera's breakup.

Maybe not only in America, but I reckon "Mostly in America"!

I taped some black gaff tape around the tremolo arm on my Fender Strat this weekend outta respect. He didn't deserve to die like that, no matter what went down.

TL (Ex Melbourne Pubs sessions/coverband guitarist... When the Grainstore Tavern had live music, not dopeheads and dealers)
Yeah...RIP Dimebag Darrell....

It's amazing how many bands you now listen to that have a fair bit of Pantera in their sound. They certainly took a chunk of the metal and hardcore sound in another direction.

A bit off topic - but it seems the forum has a fair few muso's lurking, judging from the above posts. Post back any bands you have played in. I'll go first with Lethal Overdose, (late 80's sydney hardcore), Hybrid, (early 90's sydney hardcore/metal), Dads Army (middle 90's UK punk cover band - played for beer!!). Music and beer is a classic mix so probably no surprise there's some history within the forum.

I remember the first Pantera song I heard years ago; Mouth for War. Awesome, powerful stuff. Along with those ultra-aggressive but not too guttural vocals, those super tight riffs and searing leads really did move me.

He was a very talented man, and a damned shame it is.
Triple J have a dimebag tribute at 11pm tonight for any interested.
Stereo is set to eleven! and the beers are flowing! :chug:


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