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Anyone got a good tip for the Cup on Tuesday? Everyone says it is often the hardest race of the year to pick, but with Makybe Diva now in, is it only worth while having a punt each way on something else and maybe a trifecta?

Any ideas? Mercs Own, saw you on the telly during the Cox Plate, reckon any of your HB will be ready to unleash inside the Moet tent? :p
Hey Duff

Makybe Diva is a good chance in the wet, need some good rain and she will be very competitive!

A good to dead track maybe look at Railings and the Japanese horse EYE POPPER which beat MAKYBE DIVA overseas earlier this year.

Dont forget VINNIE ROE he has been working well. If you are as confused as I am, take a sweepstake!!!


Anyone got a good tip for the Cup on Tuesday?
A designated driver or taxi... win or lose :p
duff, this is coming to you from a mug punter and i take no responsibility,now i live in port lincoln where tony santic the owner hails from.(big deal)makybe diva was apprantly trained for the cox plate this year for a reason (to win) now to confuse you even more the cox plate(as i am told) is a sprint,where the melbourne cup is more of an endurance for a horse to,say change its habit/style in 1 week could be a big ask,only time will tell depending on the track as she loves a wet as i do and back the ambulance it always cross's the line :p ps after the cox plate win tony put 5000 dollars on the bar at the tasman hotel, a third cup win could be a good piss up here. :p
There's them that bets and almost always looses, Punters

There's them that bets and almost always wins, Bookies

There's them that bets and always wins, TAB
i played a machine at the casino and won a packet of ciggies!

that's about the extent of my brief gambling history
Eye Popper. (just to prove that I in no way can pick'em)
Well I'm stoked.
Was at a customers site today and went in their $5 sweep and drew the Diva. Picked up $60. Sweet, that will be another sack of grain thanks Gerard.

Likewise, I couldn't go past the girl and had $20 on the nose.

What a great moment in sporting history we saw today :beerbang:
Stoked, didn't back Diva but went for a place on Xcellent more than covered the outlay. Won the wooden spoon as well with the sweepstake :) and won a bit on a few other races :)

Diva is a legend what a great race she had, a hat trick. I guess we'll hear of some more money over the bar in Port Lincoln and rightly so. A great horse.

12 months to go before the TAB sees my money again, great day.