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By way of introduction:

Started a mead on Thursday, mostly leatherwood honey, a bit of blue gum and mallee honey added in (use up whatever I had lying around) About 4K honey in 15L water, making 18L of OG 1125 must. I added a tsp of DAP and pitched with 25g champagne yeast, rehydrated.

Also added a 250ml bottle of concentrated pommegranate juice, making it a melomel.

Just as I added the yeast my oldest sister rocked up, 95% bald from chemotherapy poor woman, so i am calling it "Baldheaded Pommegranate Mel" Should have a nice pink color from the juice.

Will ferment this for a few weeks, then will rack into a glass demijohn for bulk aging, maybe rack once more, bottle when I can read a book through the dj of mel. Will likely need 12-18 months ageing to mellow the hot alcohol taste.

So question:

Does anyone else make meads? Cysers, melomels metheglyns braggot etc etc?

They take a bit of patience for the stronger ones, but only get better and better with age. you can easily get starting gravities of 1170

Jovial Monk

I make mead and spiced metheglin.
One batch of each so far...

Also make Fruity Beers and Ginger Beer.
Will be aiming to do a Alcoholic Lemonaede later...
well i have had some of kennys merry berry