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Mash Tun, Kettle and misc gear. Brisbane.

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Various brewing gear for sale. Need to get some cash to buy more fermenting fridges.

All gear available to pickup in Brisbane, 4069. Can provide more photos if wanted.

Individual prices listed below or you can take the whole lot for $700.
  • 90lt Brew kettle ($100) , suits electric brewery. Up to 3 * 2200w heating elements. Can do brews from 25 to 70 lt. Smaller brews can be done without using all elements. The heating element shown in the picture doesn’t work. So you would need to buy at least two elements ($38 each). Has a whirlpool fitting shown in the picture, for recirculation from the chiller or whirlpool hopping. Kettle requires outlet valve.
  • (Will create a second post with photos of the kettle)
  • 2 * copper counter flow chillers // $100 each ($180 for both plus the stand) – convoluted counterflow chillers can be seen for sale on most homebrew sites and youtube videos. With both connected you can chill the wort really fast with a full speed recirculation to the whirlpool. Get the temp below 70c in just a couple of mins.
  • 20200113_122550.jpg 20200113_122557.jpg 20200113_122608.jpg
  • Copper pre-chiller ($50) – submerge in an ice bath and run the hose through it on the way to the counterflow chiller to drop the temp of your tap water. Improve chilling time but requires a couple bags of ice.
  • 20200302_124113.jpg
  • Mash tun ($250) This is it. - https://cheekypeakbrewery.com.au/70ltr-nano-brewery-304ss-pro-series-mash-tun NOT selling with the sparge arm, this and the three way valve will be removed (third picture).
  • 20200302_124135.jpg 20200302_124142.jpg 20200302_124149.jpg 20200302_124230.jpg
  • Oxygen / Yeast gear ($150) – disposable gas tanks (2.5 of them), regulator, hose, airstone. Magnetic stirplate for yeast starters.
  • 20200302_124109.jpg
  • Micromatic regulator ($30)
  • 20200302_124350.jpg
  • Original fermentasaurus with pressure lid. ($30)

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