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Has anyone of you non A.G. brewers put down a M.S. summer wheat. I put down a double lot last i.e. 22 litres ,no additives & my O.G. was 1090. Rang M.S. & they told me it should be around 1060 but could'nt offer an explanation as to the high O.G. Any advice Thanks Crusher.
Maybe the kit didn't dissolve evenly throughout the wort and your gravity sample was taken from the bottom where the syrup was sitting?
I got caught once with the same thing doing a kit and could not understand why I had this high gravity.
What I think has happened is when you mix your kit with hot water and gave it a big stir, added your water and then another stir. A large concentration of the wort could still be in your tap and those tap traps they sell.
Give the whole thing another big stir then take a reading and I think it would be in the 1.050 area.
Just gave it a big stir, took a reading & voila, drops down to 1050 Thanks fellas

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