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As it is getting cold I have started faffing around with my gas heating system. Every year it is the same old story - it never bloody works first go! Anyway there is what I presume to be a ball valve with a tap near my heater unit. The tap goes from inline with the pipe to 90 degres across the pipe. Is there any standard to gas taps that would indicate which way is open and which is closed (no markings on the tap)? I am assuming that inline with the pipe is open but as my heater unit is a tempremental old bugger I can never be sure if it doesn't work because it is crap or because the tap is off! I end up having it half way to be certain but would love to know which is which.
Well, I know you'd like a definite answer and unfortunately I can't give you one but I'd nearly bet my left nut that inline is open, as you said. I think this is like an industry standard.

But sheeesh. It sounds a bit scary.

I'd be getting a gas-fitter/plumber in to piss it off before you blow yourself in to the next 5 life times.

Just noticed the piccy...so ....next 8.9 life times Rubes
That's a big cat - is it yours?
Nah mate. Just liked the big beer belly look. Do have 2 cats but they are skinny little mad buggers who don't seem too interested in beer - lucky for them.

Thanks all for the advice. The heater really isn't that bad (I think ;) ) and I never smell any gas - except after a few wheat beers but that would be another story.

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