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see in the Adel Addy 2day there are reviews of light beers. How exciting

the winners were:
Boags premium light - "aroma suggests a bold flavour, herbacious with long head and balanced bitterness

Coopers Regency Light " high powered malt to the nose, micro bubbles, honey hint. a concerted big flavour statement"

Wow i never got that much complexity from drinkin lights. must have changed since i last drank them :huh:
Newspaper reviews are always quite amusing, at least the ones in the Courier Mail are, anyway.
Cascade Premium light isn't a bad drop for a light beer. Actually prefer it to the boags equivalent but both are good beers for a light. Light beers have come a long way in recent years, but the disappointing thing is they still cost near the price of a full strength carton.

Great for travelling when you need to drive home though.

Cheers, Justin
Justin said:
Cascade Premium light isn't a bad drop for a light beer. Actually prefer it to the boags equivalent
they reviewed Cascade light also - "subtle vegetable to floral nose, changing earthy nuances of spice and bitterness. stalwart blue collar flavour"
sometimes im not sure if those are supposed to be reviews or advertisements. though to the guys credit (the one in the mercury on wednesdays) he did give one beer a bad review. cant remember which one it was. occasionally they will review a mixed drink which i think is a bit dumb (yeah, im biased). more beer!!!
Stalwart blue collar flavour??
wonder what the white collar flavour is? a wooded chardonnay perhaps
"Stalwart blue collar flavour?" That is really a worry and smacks of snobbery on many levels - not exactly what the boutique beer industry needs.

Murray, I agree with you about the Courier Mail reviews - some are absolute shockers! There is one guy, though (can't remember his name) who fills in when the other 2 guys are sick or on holidays, who actually sounds like he knows what he's talking about. And he reviews the beer, not the pub the beer is served in, as the others tend to do a lot. If it's a beer column, then talk about beer, I say.

- Snow

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