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I tried to re-use yeast, thought it was slow and so I took off lid -after a day it had done nothing. So I add a kit yeast, did starter first and fine.

I am not sure if going off, or if 2 yeasts is making a different taste.

Tastes a bit medicinal and this morning was unpleasant to taste, but this arvo bearable maybe improving or I got used to it.

I worry that the lid was off and oxygen gets in, you dont have that layer of bubbles to protect it after just making brew and mixing?

it will take awhile for bubbles to form to protect, ??

I think everything else normal.

Not sure, I will just leave and see, any ideas..
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Can’t work work out if off or not, seems to be bubbling ok, so no infected. I think the 2 yeasts, and hops plus not clear yet … can tolerate the wort at this time so not probably ok ? The initial taste is sharp ish, bitter hard to explain…
Not sure why you expect your wort/beer to taste great in the very early stages of fermentation.
Trust the yeast to do its thing, and leave it alone until you are ready to bottle/keg.
Even though your beer will be uncarbonated and still green at that time, you will have a much better idea then of how it will turn out.
Normally it’s not as bitter or a bit of weird flavour.. see what happens, thanks
I think it’s improving.. normally if I taste the wort at the same stage, about a day (just make sure there is nothing wrong) it’s actually quite sweet. This was very different with same recipe, so I was worried.
Probably, maybe I have created a new yeast 😝… is it a brewing technique to use 2 yeasts with compatible types?
Using 2 different yeasts will produce off flavours.
Generally not with Ale yeasts, true some Lager yeasts can do strange things when mixed.
There are plenty of multi strain Ale blends, even among older commercial breweries it isn’t (or wasn’t) uncommon for there to be several different yeasts doing their thing.
Even companies like Wyeast still produce Wheat/Ale blends from time to time.
Actually thought that might a bit of thing to get different flavours. Doesn’t that brew art machine come A B C D E yeast options, so can see people mixing there.
Is your water chlorinated/chloraminated? Medicinal flavour could be chlorophenols. The amount of chlorine in your water can change, such that they may be undetectable in one brew and horrendous in the next.

Beyond that, kit brews always have a character to them. Much like instant coffee, you will get flavour changes if you extract something, then dry it out, then rehydrate it.
I should probably use that tablets that dechlorinate, at least I think there is.

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