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Thought i might just post in here, for the benefit of Adelaide brewers (or those happy to use mailorder) that my shop at 12 Duthy St Unley has good supplies of base and specialty malts and a wide variety of whole, plug and pellet hops.

Come and see me Saturday if you want to do a special brew over the Easter weekend.

If anyone would like to attend a full mash demo sometime I will be happy to arrange one for a Saturday soon

Jovial Monk
If you get a small group together, I'd be pretty interested to drop by.

Do you have any sort of list of the brands and types of malts and hops you stock?

If so, could you email them to me?



ps - I'm still workin on the photos, I've got them developed, just got to get off my butt and scan them some time.
I think it's great that homebrew stores organise these sorts of events - gives some publicity to the retailer and helps share experience.

That is how I saw all the tips on AG brewing.
Went to an AG demo by Leon at ESB in Randwick.
There are just some things you need to see how its done.
From memory he does AG demo's first Saturday of the month.


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