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Zen Arcade
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After getting particularly stonkered at a wedding in North Adelaide on Saturday night we decided that we hadn't had enough to drink. :lol:
We ventured to the refurbished Caledonian on O'Connell St. and to my surprise found that they had 4 JS beers on tap: Amber, Pilsener, Porter and Wheat. Unfortunately the pub has been done up a la yuppie/metrosexual style, very sterile, huge open spaces but I guess I can cope if I am drinking the Wheat or Porter. :D

Cheers and bollocks
I don't like to get all personal TDA , but man that's the worst avatar I think I have ever seen :blink: :blink: :(
Sorta scares me , like a VB
:ph34r: :ph34r:
i think thats what you get when you drop a half sucked mars bars in the brew.

back to msb.
only had amber and wheat on tap so far.
the wheat is better than the bottle (much more yeast)the amber was nothing that special compared to the bottle.
i'll be stopping in at this place for a porter.
also appartly the wheatsheaf has these on tap.
the holdfast have all but the porter and i.p.a on tap.
i love the taps. lovely copper.

cheers jayse
I thnk TDA is simply letting us know what a masterbrewer he is. But, heh, who am I to say? - I am avatar challenged.

(Well I was when I composed this message. Now, here's hoping, thistle do nicely!)

I've tried the JS Pilsener on tap a few times at the Griffins Head (not the greatest pub, but between work and home).

I's like it, I do. You really get the saaz hop coming through.

Everybody else seems to love cascade, but for me saaz must be my favourite hop.
Batz, that avatar is my portrait from Studio 2000! ;)

And wee stu, who are you to proclaim you are avatar challenged.
You have a good knowledge of the best sci-fi show that was ever made.

I'm a fuggly/goldings/challenger man myself :blink:

jayse, the porter on tap is brilliant. great chocolate flavours and a meaty malty depth. all JS beers are better on tap IMHO.

Cheers and bollocks
I agree that they are all better on tap, and my order of preference is:

Equal first: Porter and Wheat
Second: Amber
third: pilsener (I really didnt' think much of this, but I'm too used to Ales at the moment.

Haven't seen the IPA on tap yet, tried it out of the bottle tho and liked it.

I also agree that the Caledonian's bar is sterile, they could have made it so much more.

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