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It was just me breaking my hydrometer... :angry: :angry: :angry:

what a way to comemorate my 100th post....

maybe at number 200 ill have some form of alcohol based fire in the shed.
haha know how you feel pr1me. I broke one then another in the next brew.... I now pay very special attention to hydrometer #3 ... :)
surely i must be able to buy a hydrometer somewhere that is encased in steel or something.... my bottles are plastic, my fermenters are plastic... its obvious to all im too incompetant to use glass in any form damnit! lol
LOL, pr1me. I broke my last one by shaking it dry while holding the thin end.
Fragile bastards aren't they?

A mate of mine was quite unamused when his broke just sitting on the bench... it was under his wort chiller at the time.

No wonder the HBS's can charge what they like for them.
hahahahahah, I know the feeling.
My first hydrometer lasted a couple of years. Then I went through three in about six months.
The current one is doing well, although I probably just put the kiss of death on it :p
Maybe we should organise a bulk buy of hydrometers for AHB members :lol:

I've had my hydrometer since 1995 - great - now I've put the mockers on it - I've got an IPA lined up for Monday...Here's hoping it lives for at least a few more days!
I'm currently on #5 over the last 3 years or so :(

I now keep a spare in the drawer 'cause I always seem to brake them at the start of the brew session (don't ask - it's just too embaressing).

i work on a 3 month cycle. I always have one on the bench ready just in case :)

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