How To Modify Fridge/freezer Thermostat For Higher Temperature Range

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The attached link gives a good explanation on how to "readjust/recalibrate" the fridge/freezer thermostat such that it will operate at a higher value/range of temperatures and therefore not require the use of an external temparature controller such as an ST1000

Not sure it will be applicable in all instances but seeing most of us are using "older" fridges etc I'm sure they will have the "electro/mechanical" thermostat controller which could be modified as described in this artyicle


didnt really read the link sorry, But is all the fussing around worth it?? I mean STC1000 to your door for $20 and say $20 more to set it up. least you will know the temp and it will have a less temperature range (it will hold the temp withing .5deg ether way). Sure its a very cheap solution but not sure if its worth it or not. Plus I can use my temp controller for mash and strike water when I drop the thermometer lol so be a bit hard to rig the fridge to do that for me ;)
Thanks for the link Wobbly. Although I already have a temp controler on Obelix, for a matter of a few turns on a screw driver can save around $50 is worth it imo. Maybe I can use the controller elsewhere or get yet another fridge ;)

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