How carbonation points translate to temperature going from ferment to cold crash?

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Hi there,

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I've just started brewing and am on my second 19L batch. I've pressure fermented it to 15PSI at 20c. I don't have room in my kegerator for my fermenter so I transfer to corny keg before cold crashing. Using the famous force carb chart I calculate I am at 1.7 carb points currently. My question is if I transfer to corny and cold crash, before connecting to co2 how do those 1.7 carb points translate to the equation of achieving 2.5 carb points at 4c? Am I overthinking it, just cold crash, connect co2 at 12psi, patiently wait for it to carb and it will just be quicker because of having already fermented at pressure?

Cheers for the ramble
Sorry, I've been brewing for 40 years AG for over 20 and have no idea what "carb points" are. CO2 in solution is measured in either Volumes or in more modern terms grams/litre, the Germans use % by weight.
If you are doing calculations involving carbonation in metric you get the answer in g/L.
I would strongly recommend you read the relevant section in Braukaiser, should answer all your questions and give you the proper terms to ask the question in. Start in the second half of Fermentation, aroun, Carbonation Tables, better yet read all of fermentation.

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