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  1. S

    Help with first time brewing, not carbonated.

    This is my first time brewing, I made Morgan's Ginger Beer and followed the non-alcoholic recipe. This involved adding the mix, sugar, yeast, nutrient and stirring and waiting. I then bottled it and the recipe said specifically said not to add sugar to the bottles, which I assumed meant the...
  2. H

    Bottling 3/4 full - priming?

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I'm using the standard brown plastic brew bottles for my bottling. This time, to get more physical drinks out of my brew, i was thinking of filling 3/4 full or to 500ml or so. Does that fact change the amount of priming sugar used to carbonate/pressurize the bottles...
  3. S

    IKegger for forced carbonation?

    G'day all, I was at my homebrew shop the other day inquiring about carbonating my small brew ciders and mead. In particular I was interested in carbonating 4-5 litres and thought that the IKegger might be the way to go. My guy reckoned that the IKegger and similar brands wouldn't carbonate so...
  4. unyeasted

    Carbonation disappointment - I need some advice

    Hi all, So I’ve just started out, real green beginner here. Bought myself a coopers brew kit, brewed the lager it comes with, and have since enjoyed a well carbonated, head-retaining beer. I used brew enhancer 1, that’s it, no extras. Followed the coopers DYI oversimplistic instructions, except...
  5. A

    priming cider

    hi I'm just about to bottle some cider. last time I made it I used the carbonation drops I used two . I was just going to use sugar this time so I didn't need to buy the drops. Last time it was not bubbly enough how much sugar do people recommend for 750 ml pet bottles I like it very carbonated...
  6. Mat B

    Where is the stout head?

    Hey fellas, With winter coming up quickly, I want to brew a nice toasty stout to keep me warm and happy! Last year I brewed an oatmeal stout am very happy with the flavor (could be a bit toastier though), the beer holds no head. Lasts about 10 seconds. I did some reading and a few people said...