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    Seltzer Bottling 3 Carb Drops???

    Hi guys Just after a bit of advice, I have 750ml Mangrove Jack swing top bottles that I want to put Seltzer in. I want it Carbed a bit more than beer, so was thinking 3 carbonation drops per bottle. Do you reckon that would be all right? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  2. M

    Equipment For Sale Small Business Clearing Our Brew-Related Items (VIC)

    Hey All, my husband and I have been avid fermenters/brewers. We've since pivoted our start-up and no longer require a few items. I thought it might be beneficial if I post up items for sale in brew forums in the hope it might help ease the start-up cost for someone wanting to take their hobby to...
  3. R

    How carbonation points translate to temperature going from ferment to cold crash?

    Hi there, New member, thanks for the community! I've just started brewing and am on my second 19L batch. I've pressure fermented it to 15PSI at 20c. I don't have room in my kegerator for my fermenter so I transfer to corny keg before cold crashing. Using the famous force carb chart I...
  4. S

    Help with first time brewing, not carbonated.

    This is my first time brewing, I made Morgan's Ginger Beer and followed the non-alcoholic recipe. This involved adding the mix, sugar, yeast, nutrient and stirring and waiting. I then bottled it and the recipe said specifically said not to add sugar to the bottles, which I assumed meant the...
  5. H

    Bottling 3/4 full - priming?

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I'm using the standard brown plastic brew bottles for my bottling. This time, to get more physical drinks out of my brew, i was thinking of filling 3/4 full or to 500ml or so. Does that fact change the amount of priming sugar used to carbonate/pressurize the bottles...
  6. S

    IKegger for forced carbonation?

    G'day all, I was at my homebrew shop the other day inquiring about carbonating my small brew ciders and mead. In particular I was interested in carbonating 4-5 litres and thought that the IKegger might be the way to go. My guy reckoned that the IKegger and similar brands wouldn't carbonate so...
  7. unyeasted

    Carbonation disappointment - I need some advice

    Hi all, So I’ve just started out, real green beginner here. Bought myself a coopers brew kit, brewed the lager it comes with, and have since enjoyed a well carbonated, head-retaining beer. I used brew enhancer 1, that’s it, no extras. Followed the coopers DYI oversimplistic instructions, except...
  8. A

    priming cider

    hi I'm just about to bottle some cider. last time I made it I used the carbonation drops I used two . I was just going to use sugar this time so I didn't need to buy the drops. Last time it was not bubbly enough how much sugar do people recommend for 750 ml pet bottles I like it very carbonated...
  9. Mat B

    Where is the stout head?

    Hey fellas, With winter coming up quickly, I want to brew a nice toasty stout to keep me warm and happy! Last year I brewed an oatmeal stout am very happy with the flavor (could be a bit toastier though), the beer holds no head. Lasts about 10 seconds. I did some reading and a few people said...