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Hi all,

Just a quick one. I'm using the standard brown plastic brew bottles for my bottling. This time, to get more physical drinks out of my brew, i was thinking of filling 3/4 full or to 500ml or so. Does that fact change the amount of priming sugar used to carbonate/pressurize the bottles? i.e. In stead of 2 Coopers drops, should I be using 1 and 1/2. Will i still get good carbonation, if i calculate sugar content by total brew volume and just divide this into smaller portions or should bottles really be more full? Wasn't sure on the effect of pressurizing the empty space in bottles. Does the brew itself then not take up so much gas?

(Yes I know I do it a very simplistic way with the Coopers drops - but getting straight simple info on priming with other options is hard. Would love to get more info on this if anyone has a post recommendation for priming options which may give better, but still cost effective results.)

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