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    How carbonation points translate to temperature going from ferment to cold crash?

    Hi there, New member, thanks for the community! I've just started brewing and am on my second 19L batch. I've pressure fermented it to 15PSI at 20c. I don't have room in my kegerator for my fermenter so I transfer to corny keg before cold crashing. Using the famous force carb chart I...
  2. M

    Fermentasaurus losing pressure

    Hi Guys I bought the snub nose fermentasaurus last week and 2 days ago I put down my first brew. I also bought the Keg King spunding valve. After 2 days the pressure rose to 5psi But since has started dropping. After work today 3 days since I started fermenting the pressure sits at 2psi...
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    Pressure Fermented Cider

    Experimenting with pressure fermentation using a corny keg so the recipe is: 17 Lts of Woolies (or Coles) el cheapo apple juice ($1/Lt) make sure it's the no additives and no added sugar type 850gms white sugar 500gms lactose Dissolve the sugar and lactose in 4 Lts of the apple juice by...